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The magic of energy

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

I’m not the most energetic person, but I watch seriously tired people when I watch my parents. They need this advice. I’d like to talk about the wonders of energy. It builds up inside you when you allow it in. There are numerous ways to achieve energy fortunately.

First of all, stop saying and thinking how tired you are. Every time you say that, you send a message to your body to be tired. Don’t do that. Another way is to replace that thought of tiredness with a thought that you can feel energy building up towards ultimate strength and physical well being.

Another way is to actually go for a walk or do exercise which is especially hard when you tell yourself you’re tired. So, remember that. Yet another important way to have energy is to turn down the thermostat. Not just an environmentally friendly move in terms of energy, but also physiologically. It improves your energy to be a bit chilly instead of heated to a crisp inside like a baked potato in the oven. If somehow you can’t exercise, at least get outdoors. Nature is the greatest energy giver. The sun is the greatest energy giver of all. Get some sunshine if you can.

The other ways of getting energy are more metaphysical and require a metaphysical approach. One must first do a body relaxation, and then visualize that energy as a bright, glowing light of clouds entering through the top of your head. You remind yourself what it is as you visualize that cloud entering and filling up your body, flushing out all the dark energy through your feet into the earth.

Then bring that clean earth energy back up through your feet and back out through the top of your head while telling yourself that energy has cleansed and energized you. That is a great thing to do. It’s very powerful. These can also be good methods for healing if healing is what you need. I also think that sleep, of course, is profoundly important. White noise or weighted blankets can help with that as well as blackout curtains.

These are the things to do for energy. Now, let me tell you what you should not do for energy. You need to stop worrying. You need to stop thinking about the past and future. Just be with now, always. You need to watch what drugs you’re taking. Anger is also an energy drain. If you can stop being mad, more power to you, literally.

Also, you could turn off the TV or purposely disrupt your boring routines That’s a great plan: Do something unexpected. Inertia is an enemy of progress. Don’t give in to it. There is so much we have to do with our lives. Don’t let fatigue rule your life. Tell yourself that you are just a soul wearing your body. Your soul wears it – make it energetic. I think you might want to repeat a phrase to yourself often. Say this: I am an energetic being with so much greatness. I am not tired. I am happy and energetic. Try it. You’ll like it.

illustration by Carolyn Reed

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