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The gatekeepers

My discussion today is about the unification of all people who are wondering what to do about the world we are damaging every day. The weather has taken over the lead stories on TV news, whether local or national. It’s just weather now, very little news, and no talk of climate change.

We are now supposed to not know things we know. Even Facebook is actively censoring the whistle blowers of the world. It’s frightening when our knowledge and learning become directed by overseers with financial profit as their sole motive.

We’re here in our own little worlds like the refrigerator magnet says, but that’s okay, they know me here. We are in our little world here. We like it, except for the news we get isn’t really news anymore, it’s propaganda. Truth has always been elusive. It could be that we need to just look inside ourselves as a way to gauge the veracity of news stories.

It’s not that they’re all untrue; it’s more that certain stories don’t get told. We aren’t told on TV about the millions of starving people everywhere. We aren’t told about the numerous undertakings in the effort toward world war. We don’t get to know.

It’s a quiet population that simply obsesses on selfies and being offended. I’m wondering sometimes if this propaganda news matrix is going to be the tool of ultimate control like in science fiction books – control with censorship, control with chosen news stories to guide our thoughts and actions toward more patriotism, toward more medicine, toward more police funerals on TV. Never the death count of the people they shot for just scaring them. Never do we get that tally on TV.

The urge to silence truth-tellers is extreme. It even pervades social media and has affected me personally in that arena when I've tried to post my blogs in different spaces. Often there is an obstructionist who wants to silence someone or keep them out of their place of self-worship. I think it’s insane. You don’t need to lecture and teach autists where to go - you need to listen to us.

The recent example happened when I tried to share my blog with two Facebook groups. One was for highly sensitive people, and the other was a group called Unashamed Voices of Autism. Well, when my mom posted my blog, it got mostly great support, but there were moderators and comments made in each group that showed they won’t tolerate a non-speaking person with autism.

The elitist autism group seemed to suggest I couldn’t be there if my mom was facilitating because they don’t want any moms or helpers there, but that essentially then becomes active discrimination within the autism elites against those of us who require facilitated communication to participate. In another group, the highly sensitive group, one woman came on and suggested that since I had autism, I didn’t belong there, as if I weren’t highly sensitive.

She posted another link to what she thought was a more appropriate group for me of autistic folks, as if I didn’t already know where those were. This is about inclusion, but there you have it: try to speak the truth and the people united behind the big lies will come for you. It is dangerous territory, but I will not stop. You folks need my advice more than I need yours.

This brings me back to my original point. People are no longer open to the truth. The whistle blowers are either dead or jailed. This is therefore the time for truth tellers to keep telling it. I won’t stop. If you have truth to tell, tell it, especially to those not worthy of the truth. I’m sorry if my alternating blogs go from poetry to psychic awareness to politics and editorializing. I am large, as Walt Whitman said, I contain universes.

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