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The eyes of strangers

This is a day for understanding one’s purpose regarding strangers. I think it’s a given that each person has a purpose, not just as a relative to other people, but uniquely purposeful in the world of strangers.

One should not underestimate the impact one has on strangers. I impact them whenever I see them and they see me. When strangers see me, they often know I’m autistic because I hold my ears as if a loud noise were happening. Then they sometimes smile at my mom or look away.

The people who smile are increasing. That is helping me a lot, yet they are strangers. Before there were as many autistics as there are now, people were just rude, but of course, they thought I was just bratty as a child. They had no idea. But now as an adult, I’m more obvious as I encounter strangers, so they are both more aware and nicer.

The strangers others notice are also impactful of their lives. If they are kind, it can change one’s mood. If they help each other, it can be heroic. If they come out of nowhere to rescue you, it is pure unconditional love.

I’m certain that humanity does have an inclination to help one another. The strangers in the world prove it. They pull people from burning cars. They pull people out of burning houses. They find lost animals. They help a person in need from their stranger’s heart.

I’ve heard so many kind stories of strangers that help. It’s my favorite part of TV news – the helping strangers. Sometimes the strangers say things in passing that actually help. Sometimes it’s something you need to hear. On the path of life we walk past many strangers. Some will meet your eye gaze and smile, and say, “Hi,” while others just walk past, intent on themselves.

It’s the smiling strangers that give meaning to your adventure. The reason is because that one moment of stranger to stranger smiling shows you the purity and beauty of the human soul at its very best – unconditional love.

The wonderful knowing is that at the very center of our souls is a connection to other beings. There is much hope in this for me. Those who don’t know this yet need to open their eyes and look into the faces of the strangers with a smile. You will see it.

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