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The exact moment of time is now

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

The point of love is to develop feelings that transcend hatred and jealousy. The point of hatred is to learn that it doubles back on you in so many ways. The point of existence where one finds themselves in shock frozen from past traumas is to overcome the past and the future. How that is done is by simply taking three really deep, all-the-way-to-the-stomach level breaths and think about your current body in time and space right where it is, where it belongs in the moment.

The overall purpose of emotions is to get real with them and let them happen like thoughts in a sleeping brain. Just practice the truth. Don't horribilize. That is taking reality into a different destructive realm. Emotions paired with thoughts can work either way, to one's extreme detriment or to one's ultimate success.

The five senses will help to ground you if you control them instead of them controlling you. Imagine that you are made of chocolate and were melting slowly on a warm sidewalk. That's how it feels to relax.

The beginning and ending of each day is best in true compassion for all beings in one exact moment of time: Now.

photo by Carolyn Reed

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