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The crushed garden

The yearly project of the spring days is to grow stuff in your garden. But without the proper care, many flowers might die in the strange weather. One day it's a garden, the next day, it's a hail salad flattened and sodden in the gloom. It’s so much like real life, isn’t it? Some days all your plants go to hell amid every other awful event.

Sometimes a late snow might break your beautiful trees, struggling with their new leaves not to die in the storm. It’s not different than your life as a human – one thing after another comes to knock you down. The question becomes, are you like the trees or not? Do you grow a new branch when the old one falls? Maybe you do, maybe it grows in a new direction because of the injury to the branch.

Like, how do you even think trees manage their branches, anyway? By branching out is the deal. Then every new branch branches again like neurons in a great brain. Not all connections are lost in destruction. Such are the proclivities of nature that nothing is lost. No opportunity for growth or regrowth is lost. That’s how you get forests.

But what do you do when someone actually does get cut off from life? You still grow, just on another dimension and your body transforms, but the energy in the cells also transforms to return to the earth, to be something else, and that matter lives on to be something else. You cannot kill energy.

The science is exact and true, yet it leaves one wondering why people continue to fear death and destruction. It’s of course their identities they are afraid to lose. The roots are still there. Another tree will grow. It just won’t remember who it was before. You will live on like everything else in nature. How could it be different? The lives that are lost come back like your garden and grow into beautiful flowers or other people. That life continues is a fact. That life challenges is a fact. That energy never dies is the best fact.


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