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The Certainty of the Ignorant

The moon may appear red. The sky in the day may appear blue, but these visions are the result of many naturally occurring variables. Often people act out of their own suspicious, faulty programming, without knowledge of the variables, like the red hatted teenager in the face of the drumming shaman. We know so little. We must reflect many sides of all issues before standing in the way of our own inner shaman, which drums silently deep in our souls.

Ignorance is not the best excuse, but with the vulnerable learners, the youth or the simpler adults, in the world, perhaps re-education is called for. I just wonder if we could drum up some smarter adults if we taught empathy and humanity in the homes and schools. The certainty of the ignorant is draining the energy from the truth. Stop in your tracks and examine your beliefs.

The deeply religious sometimes are a bit too sure of themselves. I'm betting the red hatted folks go to church and judge others with the righteousness of Yahweh, but that's so evil. Quit sacrificing your minds and those of your children to self righteousness in the name of a cruel god that wanted Abraham to kill his son. That doesn't make sense to me. Why not follow a philosophy that speaks of love and kindness? The dogma isn't adequate to explain how such god fearing Christians on the right can be so filled with hatred. I don't get it.

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