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Spirits in the afterlife

I’m concerned today about the ghosts in the realm of the ether where things aren’t resolved. Sometimes ghosts get stuck in a certain level of separation when they can’t leave this realm entirely. Sometimes it’s because they really aren’t sure they are dead, and sometimes they mistakenly think that certain realms of the afterlife are permanent. A ghost can actually get trapped thinking this. Again, perception and thinking rule reality. The realities are as limited as the ghost’s abilities to understand what to do.

Some ghosts, of course, stay because they need or want to be with their living families. They can sometimes function as protectors of those they love. Other ghosts are simply here to suck the energy out of the empaths. Those ghosts are similar to living narcissists in that they flock toward the nearest empath and exhaust them with nonsense. I can’t stand them.

They come to hang out with people who are getting high or drinking alcohol because all they want is to get a charge out of your stoned energy. You can see them hanging out at bars with other not dead people. It’s weird. It’s like some kind of psychic leech thing going on.

Another type of ghost hangs out in graveyards where they’re buried. They believe so strongly in the resurrection and Christ’s return that they are still waiting even centuries to re-inhabit their bodies that are by now only dust.

This brings me to describe the final sort of ghost I’m aware of. That type of ghost figures out quickly that they are dead. That kind of ghost gets to have fun without a body because that type recognizes its freedom right away – freedom from the body. And then, they simply hang out a while, go to the funeral, try to comfort their relatives and friends, and then gather with guides who help them direct the time between lives, to examine what’s happened in the most recent life and to plan for the next one.

Sometimes ghosts who didn’t believe in the afterlife get a big nothing for a long time. Without belief or faith in the afterlife, a spirit becomes dispirited and hangs out in a dimension of nothing, sometimes for centuries. I think of the many possibilities in the afterlife as similar in some respects to this life.

Death life is like walking into a huge apartment house with each apartment representing a different reality. Some rooms are filled with angels and Jesus, others with Buddhas, others with Allah and imaginary virgins. Still others are wide open nature spaces, all out there available to us where we can relax and plan ahead.

It’s really very interesting. There is also a hell apartment where religious, guilty Christians go to suffer and purify. That’s crazy stuff. They might just as well go next door to the consensus reality heaven – much more fun. I believe we move on, sometimes to do work in other dimensions between lives. There is so much for helpful spirits to do to help the living and the dead, and in the death world there is no time, so hanging out or being trapped in illusions there doesn’t really seem like centuries to them.

I think it’s odd that so many people have had near death experiences and those people say the same things – that on the other side is peace and well being and unconditional love. It’s there waiting and our reward will be eternity.

Photo by Carolyn Reed

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