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What is Psychic Phenomena?

Updated: Jan 12, 2019

Welcome to my blog. Today I would like to talk to those who may misunderstand the nature of psychic phenomena. I believe it is truly called a sixth sense because it is a real sense. There are lots of other senses we have yet to develop in the far distant future, but for now, many of us now are evolving a more real sixth sense that is not supernatural, but actually natural. It is just there, dormant in most people or denied entirely, even when fully operative. I'm not ashamed to be psychic. I didn't mean to be. It isn't especially a better way to be, just a different way to be, like being autistic. What do others think about this?

psychic powers develop in many people naturally
Batman and Superman regard Super Psychic Ability

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Jan 12, 2019

I believe that the mind and the universe are the same; that the mind IS the universe consciously aware of itself--and just as Dede said, that creativity taps into it. Such as everything in nature renews--like perennial flowers or seasons--consciousness is not an exception to nature! So why should it not also recycle. If we were to look at consciousness as, energy: a natural, not "supernatural force-- like you say--that cannot be destroyed, it makes sense this way. I also believe that time functions this way, as a loop--and that has a lot to do with consciousness too. I also believe, that being the universe, all consciousnesses are connected- and like you suggest, our being unstuck in time like Bill…


Adnaloy Elehcim
Adnaloy Elehcim
Jan 07, 2019

I agree with you as well. It is dormant unless you truly want to open it. It does take awhile but with effort, your world could be opened to a beautiful new understanding. My name is Yolanda but I have it backwards on Facebook.


Dede LaRue
Jan 06, 2019

I agree. I think it is an evolution, more people have it than we think, a lot of people deny it because of negative exposure. I think disciplines Like art, music, writing can tap into it

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