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I have found my old friend, David, a guy I knew when we were neurodiverse teenagers. He has the eyes of a wizard reviewing all details, taking in ideas from the cosmos like an artist unexpressed; an artist or poet. only hidden behind veils of ignorant insanity that has deprived him of his voice for years now.

The place where he lives forbids his alternative communication because his vengeful and aggressively stupid father forbids it. He can only type with his mom every two weeks. The words must explode for days in his brilliant head. Stephen Hawking could see his brilliance when they met, why can’t his father?

As many people know, the war on intelligence goes deep. Ignorance and bigotry and superstition rule our world and propaganda holds the day. Communication and freedom of speech are denied to many and, indeed, even more so in the many cases like my friend’s where non-speaking people are consigned to a silent tower of loneliness, unheard forever their great wisdom. Shame on the world to silence its best prophets.

Other blogs I wrote months ago pertain here because many times I’ve had to speak out for Facilitated Communication against a sea of disbelief and against outraged power mongers who cannot understand anything outside their petri dishes. I observe the sorry state of it all from great, angry heights.


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Adam Telfer
Adam Telfer
2019. nov. 05.

Amen to born sons of what you say to stand true, it's always been the same for successive man old and new, he that is Magnus hidden references in your word, now set freely his spirit to roam and fly like a bird, with regeneration reincarnated for birth, 500 years pass with the death of an Ararat first,Why are all wise man put to persecution only to meet up after life joined in perfect re union,I see you are one enlightened with open eyes, I bet like me you were saved from the darkness all to rose a rise, may I forth be to you a friend, with kind regards I give you my hand, if only together we coul…

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