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Silence speaks volumes

I’m in a wonderful mind to discuss the many joys of the love we do share. I’ve discovered how to love people long distance. I have so many new Facebook fans even though I got censored that I begin to realize this was perhaps a lesson in that, because I have seen such a lovely outpouring of appreciation.

It almost makes me forget that most people figure I’m mentally challenged. I’m not able to always respond as quickly as I would like to Facebook comments or questions because, again, it’s a fine motor issue for me and my mom helps me with the intricacies of that. I would like to take this blog to tell my readers and the many wonderful people who don’t even hit the like button, but at least read my blogs: Thank you so much. It’s all you’ll ever hear from me, so thanks for listening. It means the world to me.

I’m going to take all the wonderful comments and put them on my wall so the next time I’m gas lit by some person who thinks I’m not worthy of a thought, I can read those wonderful comments and remember that this blog is my mission. It is the only job I’ll ever have, so I’m happy to have it. As the thoughts and feelings and events of the world pass through me, I will review my own thinking.

In the event that the world needs prime advice from the silent autistics, you can be sure we will be here. I know others, so don’t worry, we are powerful. The silent autistics know better and will tell you so. So, listen up! We are in touch with other dimensions where peace actually works out, where people don’t shun the disabled or the poor or the people of color or the people of other countries.

We aren’t the most social people here, anyway. Long ago we stopped visiting people because my autism was severe and it made people uncomfortable. Now, we live out of the city, so it’s even less likely we visit anyone, but sometimes folks come here. We, none of us, can stand a lot of socializing. That’s why Facebook works out with long range love and appreciation. Sometimes that’s all you get, and usually it’s most likely all we could stand, anyway.

I’m also thinking maybe people don’t lift a finger to like my blogs because they have jobs and they’re too paranoid to even use Facebook since jobs usually are not places for freedom of speech or any other human rights that we appreciate. These are paranoid times, but if you think your boss will fire you for liking my blog, you need a new job.

photo by Carolyn Reed. Magnet gifted by Lisa McClennan

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1 Comment

Maria Mokate Reed
Maria Mokate Reed
Mar 20, 2019

Hi Darcy, my apologies for not staying in contact. I feel your pain in your words and cannot imagine the feeling you must feel. I've always known you were more than a genetic extension. You're presence is strong. I feel tongue tied knowing what I offer is of little importance or worth to you. We have often invited your family up to fort Collins to include you. I adore your mom, dad and David. You are one in a family of the most expressive & talented families I've ever seen. You're inability to vocalise in no way hinders your ability to express.. Thank you for being a part of my small world. You have a place in it.

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