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Silence is complicity

Many people feel that pointing out negative realities is annoying and useless, as if silence were not complicit in the crimes against humanity. Silence is either intentional out of fear or because of ignorance or even vast wisdom in some cases. Some say silence in the face of adversity is best, a stiff upper lip and all that, while others of course scream the truth until their voices shake, people like Greta Thunberg, for instance.

We could all be Pollyannas and play the glad game, just la dee da-ing our way around or behind or under the truth, or we could focus instead solely on the exquisite of the universe, the incredible, breathless beauty of the whole world. It’s not just one viewpoint or mindset that creates reality. It is all of it.

As a woman with autism who does not speak with a voice, I am aware of the many silences and voices in the great void and even more aware of deaf ears who refuse to believe me, that I’m smart. It’s all one view or another, but to deny speakers in anyway is to condemn communication and that is against the universal rule of life to prevent the connection of thought, intention and design.

If all we did were to consider one viewpoint, all we would experience is one truth and how small our world would be. When I began this blogging habit a year ago, I called myself the Psychic Savant because that was definitive of my reality then. I wanted to help people with a need for my skill set, so I began to do that.

Quickly my website turned into a blog site. At first the blogs were metaphysical, and my assistant shared them with many psychic-oriented and spiritual groups. These early blogs are still there, but as the months wore on, I began to diversify in subject matter. I became more editorial, more outraged, as one with empathy can understand these days. It then became an obligation to speak out against injustice which many feel is a kind of negative subject since they are moving on to other dimensions anyway and no longer worry about this one.

I quit being the Psychic Savant and became a speaker in a new protest of voices. I’m still with the spiritual groove, but have to pause now and then and yell out some stuff. Now I’m just Darcy speaking. Just another voice to listen to if you only would. My website is now

Thanks for listening.


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