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Silence has no ego

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

Today I would like to talk about the reasons for silence among talking persons. There is so much noise in the world. Do you know that if you experience some silence, I mean a lot of it, at least an hour a day, how much healthier you’d be? I’d be healthier too, thanks.

In the space of total silence, you can hear your thoughts. If there’s a river you can hear that. If the clouds move in the wind, a hush of white fluffy stillness will descend on your soul and you will be at peace. If there are others who want to know you or who are part of your extended soul group, then you can hear them in the silence. It is powerful.

I’m silent because I cannot speak. I’m silent because I hear too well. I hear far too well. I can hear even the thoughts of people if no one else is talking. I guess I appreciate silence more than most folks, but even neurotypicals could shut up sometimes.

I’m sorry if I can’t stand some of your conservations. I shouldn’t ever go to parties – no silence there, but it’s amazing to me how people talk just to fill in the awkward silence. Silence should not feel awkward. Then they don’t even listen to each other because they’re thinking what blathering caca to say next. If one could just listen and watch, one could learn as much about others if they weren’t talking non-stop.

They could intensify their other senses on purpose. You can control your senses, but to do so you need silence. You could control your negativity in silence. You could perfect your love silently and it would speak volumes.

The ultimate virtue of silence is that silence has no ego. It doesn’t want to justify; it doesn’t want to impress; it doesn’t want anything. It is open to all. It is the best way to really connect with the universe and with one another.

illustration by Carolyn Reed

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