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Side effects

You never know what’s really in your medicine. No one understands chemical reactions in individual bodies. Doctors assume one size fits all because in this world one size fits only most, or even some. What matters is their limited understanding of symptoms and even more limited understanding of medicine. It’s all based on trust because, after all, we have to have doctors and trust, otherwise we would be much sicker than we are.

Of course, we love and need our doctors. But the medicine they blindly trust and pass on to people in good faith is unworthy of good faith when some people, for one instance, those with immune dysfunctions or differences, get sick. Then they argue for the greater good. If you aren’t part of that greater good, the herd with its prideful, inauthentic immunity will sacrifice you as if doctors are the gods at the top of the pyramid and the herd immunity is the new spring crop.

Most ancient civilizations felt the cruel gods needed human sacrifice for the people to feel safe from the bad fates. People today have that similar instinct but it has become more of a genetic memory, sort of a birthright to civilization. It’s what we do to succeed: sacrifice people, people who are different, people who are the best, people who tell the future, people who bring in the superstitious corn to grow because of the perfect people butchered for god.

The nature of any species' survival, of course, does often depend on deaths of animals or deaths of attacking enemies and such, but the underlying superstitious belief in doctors as all-powerful, smacks of primitive and primordial magic. What in the world can we expect from civilizations based on human sacrifice?

I’m not implying that human sacrifice by the pharmaceutical industry is on purpose. I’m just saying that it is aware that the many side effects of the drugs they manufacture can hurt people in many ways and it is clear they know it.

Watch the evening news and half the commercials are voice-overs listing drug side effects. Are we as a society that freaking stupid? Yes, we are. The total excruciating reality of all is that the same place that sometimes sickens you is the same place you go back to, to get well from the side effects of medicine that just made you sick because, well, you never know. Doctors can indeed save you. That’s their job, to do no harm.

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