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Shocked awakening

I need to explain to my readers where I have been all this time here not blogging. I have been deep in thought about the state of the world today. At first, I realized that all meaning was melting down like it does in the bipolar mind when all things of importance recede in the mind and soul and a deep void of senseless useless chatter takes hold.

It happens with all creatives and more so with people differently wired for psychic channeling like dreams remembered then forgotten in darkness like a flame burning on a single blue charge in the dark cave of consciousness. It again lights up in another cave, another time, such as now.

Then an event such as we just witnessed in the streets of Minneapolis happens and the doors of perception and understanding are shocked open in a sudden rush of awareness and the silence ends in a scream.

The knee of the oppressor has always been on the necks of those who are different. The knee of cruelty has now taken over our country and I will not stand by silently with the oppressors who have killed and stolen everything from the downtrodden of our world.

Among the outrages are the numerous deaths of Black people who also have disabilities. I am thinking about when Denver cops showed up years ago to shoot a young black teen (Paul Childs) who had developmental disabilities.

Another time a Black teen with autism years ago was killed by psychiatric personnel in a six-person take-down restraint at the Cleo Wallace Center in Westminster, Colorado.

He died because he did not want to go to the center’s library with the other patients. Say his name. Casey Collier. So much for take down restraints. The evil doers themselves need restraint and they are everywhere there is someone that is under the foot of the oppressors, vulnerable, devalued and now dead.

It isn’t a mystery to me that the oppressed would rise up. What confounds me is that it took so long. I have regained my respect for humanity seeing these remarkable George Floyd protests. I thought people were apathetic. I realize now they were all just working two or three jobs to pay rent and finally had time to revolt. In these end times it seems useless to revolt until now, maybe not. My meaning meltdown seems to have lifted.


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1 Comment

Scott Norman Rosenthal
Scott Norman Rosenthal
Aug 02, 2020

I don't see separations between, say, bi-polar, etc. I believe that human consciousness is an infinitely variegated Spectrum. Right now, countless people are in meltdown. A friend who lives in Louisville, afraid that an armed Black group with burn down her town. I, myself, in danger walking the road that runs past the driveway of this tiny apt. complex, as the White Supremacists in NE Vermont are violent and active. Reminded of the old song from the '60's/'70's "Ball of Confusion".

That being said, thank you for another even-tempered, fair, wise article.

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