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Shine your light stronger

The crisis facing our world now is environmental and wanting the sophisticated explanation that will suffice to ease our discomfort, but the only explanation is repetition of history repeating itself as if our human behaviors manifest in a sociological pattern like my mom calls "sociological fractals." It's as if we cannot escape our own species. I think a collective human approach is necessary.

If only that would happen even one time I would be so happy to see it. On other planets people work this shit out better. I wish I were there. On other planets with people with individual souls people have agreed to unite not under one god, but under many to oversee their needs. They exclude no one based on abilities or race or religion. They have a higher being achieved through millions of years. We are a young civilization. We could survive, but if we do, our religious assumptions will need to be examined.

The founders of our civilization were cavemen, afraid of thunder and lightning. We can do better as a species if we try. That original belief system at the foundation of our civilizations was incorrect in the first place. The beliefs which occur on other planets is that people themselves are powerful gods. The way world peace is achieved on other planets is the realization that each world reality is a hypothetical construct based on human agreement. Consensus reality needs to change here first.

The best way of thinking about this is to realize that everything is composed of perception. The way of thinking is just that. Thinking. It is a creative process or a destructive one. It is up to us to determine the difference before it's too late. The thinking is more powerful to create reality than prayer. Prayers are nice, but powerfully directed thoughts toward the good are better.

Belief systems create our reality. In other words, we have to change our beliefs. The third eye is blinded here by darkness. Shine your light stronger.

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