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Quiet Mind. Quiet Heart

Hello, everyone. I’m happy to be here today because it is a beautiful day today because we’re together. I must say, I’m happier than usual because I’m free from hatred and envy. These emotions cripple our ability to be clear in our thinking.

Say you were ready to go somewhere when you remembered that you had to be somewhere else at the same time. In such a situation, how do you decide what to do? No matter which way you choose to go you will be disappointing someone. Make sure that your decision is the correct one.

How do you do that? Be sure that you consult your heart as well as your brain. Forget the voice in your head telling you to do this or that, and listen to the deeper voice of your understanding. Can we listen to that voice while others are chattering in the foreground? No, we can’t.

In order to hear the deeper voice, we must quiet the mind. By quieting the mind, we open ourselves to the deeper wisdom of the universe. Can we do this easily? Actually, yes. Just breathe easily and deeply while thinking of nothing in particular. As you relax, your mind will gain a quiet certainty. By doing this, you are connecting with eternal wisdom. Similarly, by freeing our hearts from negative emotions like hatred and envy our hearts connect with the eternal peace of the universe. So, it necessary for us to quiet both the mind and the heart to be in harmony with the greater realms of existence, where true wisdom lies.

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