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Psychics: Unite for peace

Psychics of the world need to unite and send their energy in one direction, the direction toward world peace. There is a growing awareness that peace is elusive to humans and that it is time to evolve to another level of existence, one where there is no more war. The levels our species has always endured are warrior civilizations that are at the constant ready to fight.

In these levels, humans only struggle like territorial animals in need of more resources. I posit that is no longer necessary, and our species is about to wake up to the constant rhythms of wars. Endless marching war into eternity is a not right thing. There are corners of the world that have realized this.

Those expanses of peace need to grow. I call on all psychics to focus now on peace. It is imperative to do this immediately. Take your golden light and imagine it surrounding the entire planet in heavenly understanding for the good of all creatures, for the good of the earth, and for the wondrous change we are capable of achieving.

I imagine that ordinary people will start to develop their sixth sense finally and it will have profound consequences. There is always a distinct possibility as well that some of us do work in the dream world as well as this one. It’s like planting trees in a desert and imagining water sprinkling down, blue and glistening like magic notes of some unknown treble clef.

It is a wondrous possibility that those trees will grow. It is up to all of us who are aware to do so-to plant seeds of peace in many, many places, to do all we can, and to do it now. It’s a nuclear possibility to end poorly. We have to know the madness must stop. The calls to war, the insane weapons proliferation, the insane march to endless ruin can be turned around with profound and unified energy and action.

All artists, all poets, all actions must point toward this effort toward peace. It must happen. Anyone can use their energy for the good. We all have a sixth sense we can use. As you open up your sixth sense, you will find it easier to manage this peace process because your imagination becomes visual and sentient in its own thought body.

We send those out with their own peace challenges like little seeds everywhere. It isn’t that difficult to do this intentionally once in a while. Imagine if thousands upon thousands of super powerful minds unified like this. Who knows what might happen?

photo by Carolyn Reed

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