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Perceptual ignorance

I have a blog in my head about perceptual ignorance in the face of obvious truth. People cannot see what they don’t believe in. They only can see what they believe. There was a story about ancient islander natives who had never seen a ship on the ocean. Ships didn’t exist in their paradigm. When the ship emerged on their horizon, they didn’t even see it because to them it was impossible. They were no doubt overrun by colonists of some kind, but it wasn’t willful ignorance, it was perceptual ignorance.

That’s the kind of ignorance we suffer from. Also, of course, the media adds to our unreality by telling us what to think. The amount of mistruth we hear, added to preconceived beliefs, leaves us truthless. The ultimate problem with trusting our inner truths, of course, is what occurs when one shares them. People began to think that maybe their perceptions aren’t real, when other people start bashing them with their own twisted truth, or worse, make fun of those who actually perceive what’s real. We have been wearing aluminum hats here at our house since we first realized some things. We even took videos of the UFOs we saw from our deck.

Other mistruths that we are programmed to believe, of course, involve doctors as gods. They are life saving people, but they are not gods. Sometimes they screw up badly. Of course, doctors are life savers. I love them, but they, too, can be misguided by mass ignorance and propaganda. They are only human.

I wonder if people might suspend their disbelief in things long enough to observe the pure truth. It’s a difficult subject because most people agree with themselves about everything. If we could control our own doors of perception, that would be ideal. Like I said in my previous blog about media, the gatekeepers of the news have other plans for us.

We are told what the government and corporations want us to believe. It is a reality black out. It’s a logical fallacy called the progression of someone else’s thoughts. An appeal to authority starts out with words like, everybody knows . . . Then, if that fallacy doesn’t work, there’s always a strawman or a red herring. There’s a science to lies in countries. There’s a science of disbelief; a science of belief. It’s a studied aspect of governmental control.

I like to think there are many willing folks who would let go of their preconceived notions. I think they exist, I just think the rest of society laughs at them, the people who think out of the box; people who live out of the box. I believe there’s another way to consider reality. From your own intuition, from your own sense of reality.

If one operates from a higher consciousness, more things would be possible because they would be discovered there waiting there outside the box. I would ask that we all close our eyes for a few seconds and imagine the impossibilities everywhere. Imagine that the impossible is possible. Open your minds.

artwork by Genevieve Freeman

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