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People say I'm a dreamer. . .

Someone wrote that the world is a forged event toward destruction. I think the world will go on, it’s just the humans who need to change dramatically. The world was meant for free, roaming people without borders. The borders we have now simply create wars to protect them or wars to defeat them. Either way, borders and walls are absurd.

This country has a leader who would sacrifice all of us to build a huge wall between us and Mexico. What’s next, a wall across the Canadian border? Maybe around the West and East coasts? I suggest we forget those borders and build one around the White House instead. It would save money and time and be more effective at protecting the US from bad things. You could throw Big Macs and fries over the wall.

We’d never have to see the president. The reporters couldn’t get in, and the orange man couldn’t get out. Imagine the evening news without the voice and vision of the ignorant creature in there. Imagine a great sigh of relief around the world to have this huge danger contained like nuclear waste. We could be a world with only one wall circling just the White House and the remainder of the world’s people could just roam and travel at will, because the borders everywhere would come down.

People would see one day they are all just one race – the human race. We could get beyond our differences and recognize our similarities. We all need the same things: love, safety, food, and technology. Borders could become politically incorrect. We could stop invisible walls, too, and embrace one another across party lines, across racial divides, across gender and ability divides and be one people on the face of the earth. The only fences we would build would be to keep the dogs in our yards. Otherwise, all would be free. Of course, to quote John Lennon, people say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.

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