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Parallel possibilities

I’m aware that there are other dimensions that coexist with our already known dimensions. Physicists now have found that two realities can exist differently in a parallel fashion. Before it was just Schrodinger’s cat and the parallel realities of the cat being both dead and alive existed as hypothesis. However, recently, physicists have looked at that and finally were able to see in the box, and yes, both parallel possibilities exist.

The science of this and the mathematics involved defy my humble understanding, but I’ve been aware of opposing coexisting realities all my life. For me as a silent autistic, the added parallel dimension has been interesting and educational. For me, with my social limitations, it is good to have an opposite Darcy somewhere who actually uses her hands and voice as a famous artist.

I’m no expert on science or philosophy, but I believe one should lead to the other. Science being first as a springboard to truth, followed by philosophical and metaphysical experimentation and discourse. I believe the implications of this latest experiment are so profound that this will open up a whole new respect for many theories held dear by certain religions, particularly Eastern religions. It is known that many Eastern religions understood basics of nature and science before science did.

I’ve wondered all this time if I could somehow bring the other Darcy here and somehow merge. That would be a metaphysical challenge of a lifetime, if it could be done. There are so many things we don’t know, but we feel that one day we will be allowed to know these things. Until that time, I’ll be both Darcy in the box and Darcy out of the box, I guess.

The real issue for me is how to imagine a better way to reach me there. If I could, I would say to me, to do as much art as the world can take. I would say, make all the friends I can love. I would say, raise my voice in songs of truth in the universe in all the dimensions for all of us.

If only we could find alternative realities and bring them here! If we only could! Across the dark void of the exterior of Schrodinger’s cat box is the greatest mystery of all. When I learn how to quantum jump to the alternate one, I’ll let you know. For now, it’s on my personal petri dish.

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