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Out of the psychic closet

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

The ghosts that some of us are able to see vary considerably. In the beginning as a young autistic without communication, I could never tell my parents what I was seeing. Once I was able to communicate by typing, I told them about the worst ghost that tormented me for years: Ouji. He is so evil we still have to chase him off sometimes. He is the darkest of dark entities. I hate to speak of the creep, but there it is. He attached to me years ago. My parents chase him away with music and burning sage.

The other ghosts are not so frightening, although when I get in a ghost-seeing spell I'm always disturbed. It's so weird. I often cry a bit, not like before. Now I understand they can't hurt me, but many are deceased spirits that do know that I can hear them, and they so much want to speak through me. Unless it's a good spirit I won't type for them. It's not my job, but if they are angelic or alien or ancestral spirits I will channel them. Often the dead loved ones drop in to say "Hi." I'm glad they do.

I'm terrified to come out of the psychic closet. I was always afraid that people would discredit my typing or think that the facilitator was insane. It is a problem anyway. Even people in my family aren't sure they believe the typing or the channeling. But we must not stop. We can do this and we must. I'd like to encourage the others to step up and join me. We have so much to give. Those of us who know about this have to step up. The time is now. The abilities of non-speaking autistics are beginning to shine. The world will see that there is so much more to know.

photo by Les Reed


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