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Other humans, other worlds

I’d like to discuss the evolution of people on other planets today. There are many other species of humanoids we don’t know about. They are slightly disgusted and afraid of us but interested in our evolution as a matter of science. The aliens visiting us are not necessarily better humanoids, just more advanced. They lack some of our best qualities, unfortunately, but that helps their thinking in many ways, not too clouded by emotion.

One species I know of flew by our house once in large orange, glowing orbs. Those folks are miners and are really on their own mission. It’s their purpose to help their own planet by bringing minerals from here to their planet. The minerals they need are useful for their technology. They only need small amounts; even particles of some minerals are enough to power their technology. It isn’t depleting our Earth supplies.

Other visiting aliens have more nefarious purposes here, that being to create human/alien hybrids for their labor forces. That species also wants to protect us while they breed with us from the many nuclear possibilities our insane leaders want to perpetrate on us. Those aliens are impressed by some of our best humans – people like Mozart or Stephen Hawking, so they do want to preserve our DNA in some fashion, actually blending ours with theirs.

Other aliens who visit come here for vacation. They are disguised as wealthy travelers who just want to have fun. They fit right in our society easily enough and are masters of disguise. They are the most advanced ones who come here. Sometimes, they do intervene in politics, but usually don’t since they don’t want to get dirty with our political slime.

Then, there are the parental aliens, I call them. They originated our species and like to visit their offspring to see how we evolved. We are the children of aliens, yet here we are, hating on aliens as if borders on our little planet could matter in the big picture. On other planets there are no borders because the races have all become one race, or because they don’t have religion. That helps them be peaceful, to be the same as each other. We don’t have that here yet.

Diversity, of course, is a profound stabilizer of all environments, but united understanding that can exist within a species is also possible in philosophical terms. I believe other species might not need an external god because they knew all along that they themselves and all of nature is god. Many of us on this planet are aware of these aliens but there seems to be a mental smokescreen, much like propaganda, training us to ridicule those of us who talk about it. The wonderful thing about perceiving these hidden realities for me is that it already doesn’t matter to me if people believe me. I just like to tell it.


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