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Orbs ghosts and angels

I want to talk about orbs and ghosts and angels today. I have had experience with them all. I’ve seen ghosts my whole life and sometimes, if they are our friends or relatives, I let them talk to me and then I type what they said for my parents. It’s easy but slightly upsetting. They often just want to say, I love you, or it’s not your fault, or something like that, or they want us to contact their relatives and tell them something. I only do it for friendly ghosts.

Then there are the orbs. When we lived in a hundred-year-old- house, we had lots of them. I think there was some kind of energy vortex in the antique mirror. They seemed to come from there. My parents could not see them, but my mom took photos of them and wondered about it a lot. It was spectacular. Most of those orbs were blue and some were very large. People always say those orbs are just dust particles, but how could a dust particle come when you call it? My mom tried that. It worked.

There was one particular orb that seemed to be about three feet across. It frequented our house often in different parts of the grand room. One day, my mom said to my dad, “Hey, take our picture. I’ll summon the big one.” She posed in the middle of the dining room with her arm and hand raised toward the ceiling, and there it was, a big orb which dad was able to catch on the camera. It worked. That got the best orb photo ever. An orb so resplendent, so loving.

My parents showed me the photo even though I could see the orb with my eyes. They asked me who in the world could that huge orb be? We had grown to love that one. I answered with a reply that sent my mom onto Google to see if the name even existed. I told them it was the angel Sabrael, this angel of ours. That angel, it turns out, is rather obscure. She found out that it was a Zoroastrian archangel from the twelfth heaven, the angel of miracles, one of the seven virtues, and we needed her. As a young autistic, I needed help. I was off the walls trying to live in my body. It was so hard. At that time, we all needed healing including my big sis who got well.

Not all orbs are angels, of course, and not all orbs are spirits. But I do believe that disembodied souls often take a convenient round energy form: the orb. I like to think it’s a good thing. I almost always identified the orbs as good folks; most were ones we once knew. So, it was somewhat reassuring to all of us. My aunt Sue, the one whose artwork illustrates many of these blogs, was one of those orbs. She appeared purple and blue with her little dog, the blue orb Walter Mitty. They appeared together.

I know people refuse to believe in the mystic. For me, it’s very reassuring to believe there are ghosts and spirits and angels here. And I’m so grateful that I could see them. If these orbs, angels, and ghosts didn’t want me to see them, and if they didn’t want my parents to photograph them, then why did we get to see them? I believe we are just plain lucky.

I know science is aware of these orb anomalies. They are called plasma-field paraboloids. The fact is they do exist. What they are science can’t say. That’s why I’m telling you now about it. If you want to see orbs, put your digital camera on flash – best if it’s a really cheap digital camera. Then you will see them in their blue, sometimes white beauty.

They’re overseeing us. I take energy from the angel orb and imagine that I can gather it in my arms and pull it into my chest. It’s very effective. I recommend it if you’re sure who that orb is. Those orb days were so reassuring to us. We felt comforted by our loved ones and comforted by the angel. Whatever you think about these things, I urge you to consider that this is real. I urge you to suspend your disbelief and see what happens. Grab your camera.

photo by Les Reed

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