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Marginalized Millennials

The Millennials are in bad shape. It’s definitely time to discuss this. In the United States, those who chose college are totally screwed because student debt rules their lives. To afford to pay for high living expenses and college many have to work two jobs at least.

The Millennials are the children of the boomers who valued education so much. They loved it. They were often the first in their families to get degrees, so of course they encouraged their children to do so. Their degrees often were easy to pay off and got them jobs.

Now you can’t find work in your field unless it’s computer science or corporate thievery. You can’t get ahead. Meanwhile, the rich pay for fake SAT scores to get their entitled idiot children in Ivy League universities. I’m disgusted by what happens to this generation.

The worst is that they are informed or misinformed about their probable futures. The Millennials were brought up by folks who still believed in the dream of a house with 2.5 kids. Now they’d be lucky to afford a small studio apartment and don’t even try to have kids with their reduced sperm counts and the expenses.

And, if the Millennials do have babies, then overwhelming fears about the future kick in even more. They were already worried about the planet. If kids enter their lives, it becomes so much scarier. Then they see the crazed vaccinators lining up to inject their new babies with over twenty shots before they turn two.

Then they have to eat GMOs and breathe the polluted air. What must the Millennials think? They’ve been watching the news, too. Even if the news lies, some truth gets through. Some Millennials, many actually, are successful and do have babies for the next generation, Gen Z.

What in the world will come after Generation Z? Even the psychics don’t know what to call the next and last generation. If that’s true, then no wonder the populations of the whole world are at risk. I hold out the greatest hope for Generation Z.

It is going to be up to them to carry on in this world. In the meantime, my heart goes out to the Millennials. It’s rough times all around for them, God love ‘em. That’s about the best thought they can have now, is that someone will cancel their student debts and they can just have lives like their parents managed. Just one job for one life to do, and then the future will be theirs, if only.

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