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Lucid Daydreaming

Today I’m writing about the heavens of the imagination. The heavenly aspects of imagination are many. Imagination can take you anywhere in the world. Mine does. Sometimes I travel in my mind just as many of you dream about travel while sleeping, I actually daydream vividly about distant places.

In my mind I can crouch beneath distant waterfalls in verdant jungles. I can climb icy mountains and feel the cold air on my face. I can walk with animals through forests filled with birdsong. There is no stopping my daydreams. For me, this wakeful imagining is a dream-like meditation and seems very real at moments. I’m working on bringing my dreams into realities that I can actually experience, but one cannot do all the things one wants, so this is a very useful exercise.

This is actually how you do lucid daydreaming. It is wonderfully creative as well. You can direct your imagination toward that which you want, just like in sleep dreams, only one has more control to create the daydream properly. It is a useful exercise for what people call actualization. That is a method to create realities out of your own brain.

People already do this, of course, naturally. It is thinking actually, but this particular type of thinking has more power to affect change. If desired, it can be useful for problem-solving or for creativity, just like sleep, lucid dreaming, or self-hypnosis. This is similar.

I’m not the only one who does this. Many people fall into these reveries all by themselves, not on purpose, just naturally. Sometimes music will take you there, if you listen and close your eyes, you can do a lot of wonderful things, or see many beauties unknown.

Also, prisoners often learn to do this. This is very helpful for people stuck in unfortunate realities they cannot get out of. For instance, if their circumstances will not let them travel or walk or drive anywhere.

I’ve been doing this since I was very little because my autistic behaviors were so outrageous that my folks didn’t want to take me anywhere except camping or to the doctor. If you are reading this and happen to know or love someone restricted by circumstance, someone who maybe doesn’t even talk, please read this to them. They are the audience for this blog. Thank you.

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