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Look up to the starry sky

The people are suffering horribly these days. I like to believe we could collectively change that. It is imperative that we focus on the immediate needs of the forgotten people in the world and in our country. The smoke screens that line up before our view are just that. Lies, lies, lies, and smoke. Walk through it to the clarity of another day. It isn't easy to have faith in the spirit of greatness in the universe, but if you can, look up to the starry sky one day and you will regain your faith.

The forgotten people will stir up one day like a volcanic explosion. Be on the merciful side of this rage wave. The full impact of these times will one day be understood. All you can do is practice compassion. I believe in the afterlife and believe nothing is ever lost. It's just recycled. Please know that we are all holy and that we will come to understand this some day.

Please also understand that we need to meditate to understand the nature of human existence. The ultimate victory will be that of the underdog. This time it is certain.

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