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Living eternity

You probably don’t realize there is another way to live life, but there is. I think our lives are just temporary dramas in a great play, and we get to try out different bodies and characters with our souls, like putting on new clothes every so many decades.

People who think they only live one life seem limited in their perspective to me. They think they have to hurry all the time to get everything done that they possibly can - in just one life. That’s a big order for folks. No wonder they’re so stressed and no wonder so miserable.

There are many chances we get as reincarnating souls in this world. This is not a joke. Think about all the evidence. But people discount the thousands of past life stories that have been documented. It’s as if they didn’t exist at all. The Western world is strict in its theology: You only get one life, then you get judged.

Then, apparently, in some belief systems, one’s body rots away in some cemented-in coffin in the ground until the Savior returns and gives all those bodies life again. On the face of it, that sounds pretty ridiculous to me with all due respect, as they say. I’m wondering if that story is just a metaphor for a new life, not the same old resurrected body.

I’m pretty sure about past lives as I’ve said in other blogs, and I’ve even remembered some of them. That makes me a more patient person. How freeing it’s been for me to believe in the Eastern concepts of the afterlife. Freeing to think I could be multitudes of people, not just one disordered autistic in one autistic body.

Another distortion in the fabric of our reality in the West is the prophesy that all these corpses won’t resurrect until doomsday and that doomsday has to be in the Middle East. That’s patently absurd and geo-politically dangerous. Of course, this is a sorry state of affairs and on top of that, if you’re the wrong religion, you won’t even find salvation!

But the most destructive part of some theologies, like I said, is the underestimation of the soul’s power and multitudinous possibilities in the universe. That’s just my opinion. The phrase, YOLO (You only live once) as an excuse to be wild and crazy could, in my mind, best to changed to, you only live eternally. That makes me feel better – less hurried, less frantic, huge in the universe where I cycle like the seasons for eternity.

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