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Listening through walls

Yesterday we went to a family reunion picnic and one fellow sat down and started talking to us. Now I’m not much of a Christian, but what he said made a great deal of sense to my metaphysical-Buddhist-Great Spirit paradigm. He wasn’t preaching, but just talked about how great he finally felt after coming to some realizations. Not long ago, he said, everything in his life was falling apart. He was a sad guy. He was formerly at the top of his game in everything. It was devastating to him to fall down so far. Finally he explained that he just got mad and talked very personally to God.

He asked to be shown what it was that he was doing wrong. He wanted to know and he asked what to do right. It was the most heartfelt, humble prayer he ever uttered asking to be forgiven and to forgive. He asked for clarity.Then over the following weeks he felt he understood what he had to do. He realized his life needed to grow full and wonderful with the light of clarity. He said he could sense in his mind the voice of the Holy Spirit, telling him all he needed to do to be right in his life. Through that clarity he transformed himself.

This person was so loving and aware, and wonderful to talk with. This was actually the very first meaningful conversation I ever had at a party, in fact, the only one. Unlike most other people, this gentleman who I had just met actually wanted to talk to me! We had the best talk ever and I am so moved by his personal experience that I wanted to share this with you.

I wanted to blog about this for two reasons. This first is that my cousin actually involved himself in a conversation with a silent autistic. That in itself is a red letter day. What a neat time we had! The second reason is that what he needed to do was not recruit me into the arms of Jesus or his faith, but to simply explain to me how prayer worked for him. I love it. I’m very interested in miracles and he was one to me. That’s the reason I went to the picnic--to wait for an angel to come, and he did.


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