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Listen to your body

I like to explore the topic of healing today. I’m very lucky that I seldom get ill, but then I don’t usually stress out my body very much. I just like to follow its advice which is pretty clear to me. I often crave foods that my body needs. Although it can be a weird way to get the nutrients one really needs, instinct can do a good job of it if you just hone in on your essential needs.

I often make certain recipes out of what I need if my folks let me explore the cupboards. I often like to pour olive oil on things. I need olive oil for some reason and lots of hot sauce like Louisiana or Tabasco. I think these are especially healing foods. If you follow your intuition, you might be so surprised that your body will tell you what it needs.

There are, of course, problems with this system if you listen to your body with paranoid anxiety. That can be very unhealthy. Of course, your bodies like to do what you think. You might crave bad foods but you might want to crave bad things in general for yourself. One needs to examine one’s feelings toward the body: Is it fear, is it confidence, is it shame, do you hate it or love it? That also plays a really big part.

It is especially important these days, I’m afraid, to get a water filter – a really good one. I’m sorry if you cannot afford to do that, but it’s a lot cheaper than health care which stands almost as good a chance of messing you up as it sometimes does in healing you.

Everywhere one looks it seems there is a health threat. Another thing you must do for your health and for your pets’ health and the world’s health is to stop using toxins on your lawns. Find another way to kill weeds, please. It is now important for people to realize that these materials can save themselves up in your body forever.

Other body polluters would be, for instance, mercury, aluminum, and other substances very unhealthy for your system. These pollutants whether eaten, breathed in, or injected can be deadly and disease causing for many of us. The greater good needs to get some herd immunity against stupidity.

In this new world we’ve created, the health threats are many, yet the science does its best to keep up with cures for people which is encouraging, if they need healing. That’s a big if, of course. What cures really get found anyway in this corporate world of medicine we have here in this oligarchy?

But the truth is clear. There are so many remedies. We just have to search. My big sister is a great fan of The Medical Medium. That guy has some great ideas about healing and about cleansing the body of heavy metals, which I think most of could use these days.

It is possible to get a lot better. I have found out that I have improved a bunch from all the extra vitamins I take. It’s important to get enough vitamin D, especially. My dad also gives me probiotics since it’s possible with autism the gut-brain connection is involved. I think this has helped me a whole lot.

Of course, if you can get out in nature in the sunshine and get some exercise. The most important thing you can do for your health, finally, is love your body. Don’t hate it for being sick, or overweight, or disabled, or too short, or not pretty. Just love it. It will love you back.

illustration by Carolyn Reed

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