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Just listen

I’d like to discuss today the reason why some people don’t want to believe what those of us on the autistic spectrum say. In my case, it’s because of my disturbed behavior and because I use a letter board to communicate. Also, I use the professionally reviled method of facilitated communication that has been under attack since the early 90s when I began typing.

Back then a laboratory study was conducted that apparently disproved the typing because of inaccuracies and errors and (I think) because the facility itself was daunting, the testers doubting, and a nervousness occurred in the typers. To this day, despite other evidence, the method is questioned. Plus, I don’t often look at the letter board while typing. People hate that. Of course, they don’t ask regular typers to look at their keyboards, so go figure.

Other people on the autism spectrum are speakers and they still aren’t believed. Greta Thurnberg, for instances, is given little credit among some folks, misogynists or autistic haters because, hey she’s only 16 and has Asperger’s, as if that made her unable to think for herself. How dare those people? (as she would say) How dare they?

It is a civil rights issue when your speech and communication are silenced and when you are falsely accused of being manipulated by crazy attention-seeking parents. It is beyond insulting, but it will not stop us from calling out the world on the many issues now destroying it. Put all that in your judgmental pipe and smoke it, people.


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