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It's Always the End of the World

Today I want to discuss why everyone is so freaked out. Of course the world and this country are pretty screwed up lately. However the dark will eventually cease and the light will shine through. Look to your own heart for guidance. It is there inside you. You can hear it whisper if only you would be quiet for one hour. Pretty hard to do, eh?

The planets always line up. There will always be an eclipse. We are always spinning precariously through space. We were always doomed like all civilizations, but our species lives on. The volcanoes erupt, the snow falls, the drought falls, the nuclear dust falls and yet we live on.

It isn't the Sea People, earth quakes or dark ages. Civilizations are inherently flawed. Eventually they all fail. We are just doing our little part like microscopic organisms unaware of the timeless majesty of our multitude of existences. Our attachment here is about nature, or what's left of it.

The only moral response to this problem we now face is to love our planet like we love ourselves. Our lives will be better without the repetition of eternal fear. The important part of life is living it for whatever amount of time. Our lives are specks of eternity. We are made of stars. We recycle like leaves on a tree. You have collective lessons to learn as a species. This would probably be a good time to speed up the learning curve.

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