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Is it spring in your heart?

Today is a day for the events of Spring to unfold. The world has been cold for us, now it will be warm. We are ready for flowers, we are ready for sunshine. The snows were intense, more than usual, but the Spring will evolve as it does.

There is hope in Spring – eternal hope in Spring as flowers open up like small stars in a green heaven. There is hope in Spring. When one has hope one can see better because the obstacles of negativity get out of the way. Many people think hope is foolish. That is so sad for them. They don’t want to be wrong about their pessimism, so they keep it up. They don’t want to entertain hope in case they get disappointed.

This pessimism is a choice, although sometimes it's a learned problem, but whether it was conditioned by events or chosen by the dark mind that wants to be surprised by good stuff, pessimism can defeat your life by the constant fear. It can defeat you by creating unfortunate realities to meet your expectations – a fulfilled prophesy for those in fear.

The problem is the pessimists are waiting in negativity until something good actually happens. If you wait too long in darkness, you might not even see the good surprise if it comes. Your view is skewed toward the fearful. It becomes an anxiety disorder. It started out trying to protect you from bad stuff by preparing you and it finally became instead a blindfold.

There is no difference between hope and possibility on the one hand and fear and destruction on the other. As I’ve said before, I believe we can create our realities, but if one cannot muster the thought of things going well, how can things go well? This dispositional pessimism is a disease - the worst of the pernicious mind insects that eat up your happiness.

The most powerful thing sometimes for pessimists is the death thing. Many are pretty convinced this is it - nothing more after we die, so they then fear annihilation and nothingness and live in fear of death. They don’t want to be wrong about there not being an afterlife in case they get embarrassed in the great void of their nothingness.

What difference does a belief in the afterlife make in your life, for example? Think about that example of pessimism and fortune telling and depression-making. What’s more important, being right or being happy? It is cognitive destruction of your happiness to always expect the worst, as if that pleasant surprise now and then was a payoff for your negativity. It isn’t. It’s just an accident that happened without your intention involved. I say that your intention of hopefulness will be a reward in and of itself.

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