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In awe of art

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

This is about the importance of art and music. These two efforts have evolved humanity forward thousands of years. It is the artists, writers, and musicians who stretch the human soul around eternity, who reach out to the darkest voids in the universe to echo back the height of humanity in a heavenly manner.

It is because of these abilities that we are able to rise above the basic human frailties of violence, ignorance, and willful stupidity. The soul of the creative is like a light that doesn’t watch the shadows but just shines in the dark, creating the utterly real reflection of what matters most. This is why my brother the artist is my hero.

Many people are multi-talented and end up pretty good at these things. What a gift of life to the rest of us. I am so in awe of human beings when I see the things that they are able to create. We are lucky to be here in these bodies with these minds. I vaguely hear from upstairs: a rapid glissando of 64th notes, and know my bro is channeling Chopin or maybe later, in the basement making art.

How lucky for those who do this; how lucky for those of us who witness it. My dad and mom are poets and my big sis is also an artist who does ceramics and painting. I’m surrounded by creativity. My late aunt Sue was a masterful artist. Some of my blogs show her art. Others show my mom’s photography. The point is whatever one does in the way of art, it helps someone.

That is why we need more salons with art, poetry and music. Some art starts out immature and ripens like an old oil painting over centuries, still speaking truth to power. To all the artists of the world, I love you. In our eternal quest to leave behind something of value, we create. In an attempt to express our innermost souls, we create. In an attempt to report on the world uncensored, we create. Now we must move forward together on the world’s troubles with our visons. It’s only right. It is the obligation of the creative to create and there are so many positive artists afraid to come out. Do so at once. I want you to shine your lights on the dark path of our lives. It is wondrous when you do.

Illustration by Genevieve Freeman

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