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How real are your memories?

This is about the way we remember things in our brains. It’s not what you think. You have selective memory and some of your memories are just wrong. There are neurons that mis-remember if you put two of them together accidentally. Often people who are certain they are really great people are mis-remembering. They are people like our American president. If you have a narcissistic disorder, your memories might be like his. The way you remember in that case always glorifies your own past actions. You can do no wrong.

In many mental illnesses, a similar thing happens. I believe new thoughts create new patterns that link up with old ones whether appropriate or not, then you get a bad readout when you try to scope out the reality of life. The new neurons then grow a new reality for you. They say that it is totally whacked when that happens. One of the best ways of remembering events truthfully so you won’t distort them is to pay total attention in the moment.

The way to pay total authentic attention is harder than you think. One needs to remove the self from the moment and just see what’s happening without one’s self there. Be only the observer, not the person with memories, just the observer. The good news is that your higher self, the subconscious, remembers things exactly the way they happened. The world has a problem, though, when the narcissist in charge doesn’t have access to his subconscious, so he acts on one lie after another. All the lies he tells himself are about his own greatness.

When the mind plays tricks, it can fool everybody. That’s a problem. It’s up to us to fight our own brains to get the real truth about the moment and about the past. Our subconscious minds know everything if we could only access that powerhouse of truth on a daily basis. The truth is a bit tricky since it changes according to what we see. Our personal realities often adhere to our thoughts and what we believe what we are. We usually are pretty much right, unless the brain has become used to self-lying then there is no real observation that can be made.

In the final analysis, our memories define who we are and what we think of ourselves, and create space to move forward with our special take on reality. The power behind our thinking is what people fail to take into account. The subconscious should guide us when memory is so uncertain. That takes some work. It’s unlikely our world leaders are bothered by real truth, and that’s a pity. The world has its own subconscious and it’s watching them.

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