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Hopelessness, Not an Option

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

In the mornings we see the news and it's always bad. That is the ways of our days. Be not burdened by your own species. I'm not aware that it's any different anywhere on this planet, and we all suffer the same outrageous repetition of our own weaknesses.

Hopelessness is not an option. It is our mission to understand and not take all this too hard.

In your mind is a place of sanctity. Go there as if entering a temple. Sit down and breathe. What comes to mind for you: images, words, sounds? Does your nose itch? Relax. Be at peace here. You have much to learn. They say it's a blessing to live in these complicated times.

If one has access to supplies for creativity in life, this is a great time to use these impressions for the sake of our collective souls. If one can attune with nature it will also help you. Finally, I want people to comfort one another with compassionate intensity. In some future morning our world will be brighter. In the temple of your mind is the center of undying peace.

photo by David Reed

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