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Here it comes

Updated: Jun 8, 2019

Today’s blog is a call to action for all of us. Did anyone read about the end of civilization coming in only 30 years? That’s depressing. Those of us who communicate in dreams (other autistics) are rallying against this destruction. I can’t even type this without biting my hand, it’s so upsetting. I will be just slightly over 60 years old then, so there is a lot to do to turn this around.

The predictors of this scenario are not joking. There is no reason for them to believe we will change things in time. You can already see this coming, can’t you? How powerless we must feel when we read about this! How disgusted or unbelieving, or how afraid we are it might happen anyway. I hear there is an extinction rebellion going on in other countries, not this one.

We’ve all got our faces planted in our phones before going to work as wage slaves to afford the necessities. We’re too exhausted to rebel over here. You scroll past that one story telling of these next three decades. You can’t absorb that truth so you worry instead about other news if you can find it. The real journalists, of course, are marginalized or in jail or silenced. In the US, we can’t demonstrate for anything. We will be in jeopardy of arrest and detention since the Patriot Act shuts all that down.

I’m at a loss for words at this news. I’m trying to write about this but it’s unspeakable. I search my mind for advice to give to people about how to handle this news and I would like to say that it’s time to face up to this. It’s something now so far beyond our individual efforts that I see no way to turn this tide back. What are we supposed to do, quit driving? That’s never going to happen.

Yes, you should all stop driving and then force the governments to stop their wars. The resources put into wars could solve the global warming problem. All that money could create a way. Take all that war money and put it in public transportation and phase out the cars immediately. Then we might have a chance. In the meantime, since we all know this won’t happen, the question finally becomes not what we can individually do about this, but how do we emotionally mourn the future while trying to be happy in our lives until then? That becomes the final question.

Ultimately, we only have to focus on today. If we think of the future, we will all get too depressed and then the rest of what we have to live will be sad, not happy. I propose that the final solution to our survival is beyond us as individuals. We as people of the earth have to fight corporations and warmongers in any way we can. We have to write letters. We have to create candidates worth voting for and we have to take it seriously now. We have to find a way. Do it now. Do it for your babies and children. It’s not quite too late.

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