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Heaven on Earth

I like to think about the alternatives to the world and its many problems. I have heard that love conquers all. I do believe that. It could conquer all wars, all racism, all misogyny, and all crime, if only people could allow themselves to have it. Love is the proverbial jewel in the lotus; it is our ultimate goal to feel good in its true purity -- without jealousy, without ownership, without competition, without fear – just all by itself, pure love.

My autism prevents normal expression of that love. Usually people hug and kiss and wave and smile appropriately. But unconditional love is not a usual mating ritual with wine and flowers and flirting. That’s about breeding and looking your best like a colorful bird in the spring.

Some very religious people have pure love. They have found it in their hearts. Others have found it by being parents or by having a very cool pet. It’s not that uncommon, actually. The love people have that is best is unconditional. It can be very pure but usually short-lived.

It is my deepest hope that humanity will find unconditional love and that when a person experiences it momentarily, they should find a way to extend that love energy into a longer, meaningful time frame. The Buddhists would say you already are unconditional love. They actually practice loving their enemies. When you can manage that, then you can take a closer step to enlightenment.

That is even harder to do collectively as a people. If that happens, it would end war and pollution. It would bring about a true, wonderful world, not like this one but better. Religion, I fear, teaches this love but also teaches hatred; teaches an eye for an eye, teaches division and myth, and leads to self righteousness.

Sometimes we are discouraged away from unconditional love by all the violence and aggressive stupidity of humanity. If you can remember, think back to a time when you were in your mother’s arms as a toddler. Remember her warm love. Take that love and imagine it as a pink cloud that is growing larger, that enthrones you both in total bliss-out love!

Or if you can’t remember mother love, remember when you had a pet who was loving you purely and you loved it back. Only if you can feel this, you can expand that pink cloud of love outward to the world incrementally each day.

One day, your love will extend all the way around the world. If we all did this habitually, we could actually have heaven on Earth. Finally, it is important to love yourself, even if no one else does. That is the ultimate challenge.

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