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Give us our voice

Today is my 100th blog. If you've been following me all this time you have realized that I'm autistic and do not speak. I type with facilitation and my typing has been authenticated many times over as actually my own voice, my only voice. I want to reach out to mothers of other nonverbal autistics and encourage them to release their children's voices.

The experts who are professionals are lovely folks, but they do not understand how much actually goes on in our minds. It is imperative that people be given the opportunity to spell and type. I began typing with assistance as a four year old. I still remember that day. I wrote about it in past blogs:

In the new world being recreated there will be more and more autistics not speaking. This is an urgent call out to others to learn how to communicate with their children. One has to assume complete competence in one's nonverbal autistic person. When I first started doing this with my mom, she had been told I had the cognitive abilities of a two year old, but she told me she thought I was really smart. I was.

I want people to go online and find out how to engage in these alternative communication activities for non speaking autistics. Many of us are trapped in our silent bodies unrecognized as the great thinkers we really are.

I think it's entirely possible at any age for someone to learn how to do this. My feeling is that maybe people just don't believe it because the experts don't and experts are gods in this world. Perhaps you tried this and your child or adult just typed gibberish and you gave up.

It is the best gift you could grant yourself on Mother's Day this year: to finally see the words your child has to say. I beg you all to try this if you haven't and remember, nothing is easy at first, like the old proverb: The first step over the threshold is the hardest.


Image by Christopher Ross

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