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I need to write again about the ghosts. Sometimes, they get out of hand around here. I’d like to discuss what that’s like. They frequently come here to talk to their loved ones through me. That is usually why they come. Sometimes, they just hang out when they love us. Sometimes, they just come here because they can see that a few psychics live here. I’ve seen them since I was a three-year-old.

There was one really bad one that latched onto me for years. I called him Ouija. We finally fought him off mostly, though once in a great while he reappears. We don’t know who that jerk is. That spirit was my personal tormentor. I don’t know why -- perhaps a soul I injured in my life at Auschwitz. He’s the worst ever. Sometimes I get visited by the relatives of neighbors or something but I don’t encourage that; it’s too crazy. I’m not here to channel ghosts, you know.

There are a variety of ghost types. Some are earth-bound out of ignorance. Some are here for their attachments to people and things. Some stay to protect. Some stay out of simple, loving patience to be joined one day by their loved ones. Some go on to do work on other planes. Many have assignments or duties to help on the other side. They get busy really fast but sometimes come back to visit you when you need them or call them.

Another type of ghost has already reincarnated to be near you and can’t remember who you are or who they were, but they, too, will retain their previous ghost body to visit you when their new body is asleep. The other type of ghost is the type from other lifetimes that still want to check up on you. It gets complicated, especially if you don’t want to talk to them.

If you actually want to contact a spirit, it is possible. And if you actually want one to go away, that, too, is possible. To call them, do not be afraid. Close your eyes and whisper their names three times like in that Beetlejuice movie. Envision their face while you do this and do it with humility and love. These ghosts aren’t your servants, after all. It is always a good idea to burn sage and form in your mind a protective bubble around yourself when talking with ghosts – that’s a must.

To get rid of the bad ones, you have to get forceful and strong and order them to leave while doing a house sageing (You can buy sage bundles at any metaphysical store.) It’s always a little hard to get rid of the bad ones because for some reason they need to be on you.

One time, we even had to reach out to a ghost who was from the future. Our plumbing kept breaking over and over and over for months. Finally, my parents asked me why, so I looked into it. Apparently, a future ghost lives on this same site and our water was interfering with his electrical experiments. I know, I know, that sounds crazy, but there it is. I’ve written other ghost blogs. I’ll share the link here. I hope this helps. I'd like to say that when I'm a ghost, I'm going elsewhere.


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