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Follow the signs

Many people follow the signs they read. One says stop. One says yield. One says merge. You simply follow them if you want to drive your car effectively. On another, more metaphysical level, others of us follow less obvious signs. We could be wondering in a thought about a problem and someone on the bus says the answer in a conversation with another stranger. We could have a song come up on the radio and remind ourselves of a person we need to call. Perhaps another person sees a light or a shadow or a ghost of a deceased loved one, or maybe you noticed blue shining orbs in some photos.

One never knows, but one might also never see, if one refuses to look beyond the confines of their usual perceptions. It is a psychological fact that our perceptions are influenced strongly by our belief that we ought to unceasingly question mundane realities and presumptions. It becomes problematic. If one observes telepathy directly for instance, one believes it. If one does not, one doesn’t. It’s the way it is. Some people see and feel differently depending on their personal beliefs in their own powers of observation.

I feel that nature and timelessness in the void of the cosmos allow all awareness and therefore, I am more likely to experience it. It is my great good fortune, but anyone could do the same. In the end we all know our limitless power. Be of good cheer. Follow the signs. Drive your car full speed ahead, steady and clear in the clear wind.

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