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Fearing the future

The world isn't that much trouble really. All we need to do is to love the planet. We all appreciate the wonders of our nature and our world. It is beautiful. It's not like we have another place to go to, you know, we just don't. If only we understood how Earth is actually part of our collectives souls, I imagine we'd take better care of it.

It actually heals itself much like the human body attempting to fight off an infection. It withers in one place and flourishes in another. When a crevice opens up the Earth has more space to breathe. If you fall in a crevice, you don't, but it's a way the Earth works. It does what it needs to do to survive.

If a volcano spurts it's because it needs to. That also relieves internal earth pressure. If the rivers run wild and fierce, it's because they need to. If there is a drought in one place, there are floods in another. The wind and the water quenches the planetary need for constant change in response to humanity's constant assaults.

The rain forests are disappearing as fast as the icebergs. The satellites surrounding our earth collide with space trash. The air is full of electromagnetic charges about to be more disruptive with the 5-G transmitters. It was better before this advanced civilization. That's for sure.

There was a time when people could look forward to the future. Now we all fear it. Young people are killing themselves or each other. The warrior capitalists are always causing more unrest. The nuclear threat is mounting daily, not just from stockpiles of weapons, but nuclear waste buried in canisters that will corrode well before the 250,000 year half life of its contents.

It is a sad state of affairs all around. All I can do is write environmental blogs that people don't like. I just have to keep it up anyway. It is my job as a canary in the coal mine. In the face of all this we must realize that as we are worrying about this, scientists and bright children are finding the answers.

They are cataloging and collecting the DNA from species we are extincting. They are inventing microbes that eat plutonium refuse. They are inventing large magnets to collect space junk and to change things for the good. A new day always dawns. Humans are capable of fixing this. It's time they start.

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