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Entropy Fractals

I would like to talk about the awful demise of the trees here in this Earth of ours. I’m so sorry to hear that the Amazon is burning and the other forests of this planet are infested with various diseases. I recently went on a camping trip to our beloved spot in the Colorado mountains. The trees were dying. I can’t stand it. We tried not to notice but couldn’t escape the dark, gnarly branches, victims of the pine beetle.

My mom came home and watered and fertilized and trimmed our trees. Even the city and suburbs here have serious issues with dying trees and gardens. The Japanese beetles have come for our gardens. Everything has changed, even in my relatively short life.

Spring came late here but so did the bees, the size of small flies. The bigger bees didn’t show up until the end of June. That’s crazy! I can feel the Earth cry. Her birds are flying south forever. In fact, everything is flying south forever. It’s a wonder that has occurred before on so many other planets, too; so many other people. It is inevitable when populations rise to these levels and the machines they use poison everything. It’s a sociological fractal, as my mom terms it. The entropy of all civilizations is written in the rules of nature.

Our state of Colorado here in the U.S. is pretty well situated for the coming centuries. Colorado's capitol is mile high, but this state is already overrun with people and it will get worse as climate change forces people from the coasts inland. Can you imagine what that would look like? It would be awful, and so many people are armed with guns. I can’t imagine. What could go wrong, huh, just what? I never thought I’d be born autistic, but I certainly never thought this world would fall apart before my eyes, either. I want to call out to the youth of the world who are protesting. My heart and soul are with you.

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