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Child Sacrifice in the Time of Covid

In ancient cultures throughout history children were sacrificed for the greater good, as if some god would then smile on their crops and culture, and then they would be safe. There are at least 26 civilizations throughout the world that practiced human sacrifice. I’m certain the little faces of the dead child mummies are as sad as the misguided culture that sacrificed them.

What cruel god wants dead children? Even the origins of our Western religions started with Yahweh who wanted Abraham to kill his only son. How screwed up is that? I speak now of the evil overseer of our times because again the children are to be sacrificed. This time, to the Yahweh of money, the commerce of evil entities over-lording our species. It is our job to revolt in a revolting situation. I’m begging you. Keep the kids home from school during the pandemic.

We act as if kids are disposable in a vast experiment. They are the new petri dish of our folly. If ever there were a time to rally around our precious children, it is now. In the hearts of the mothers, pain repeats for lifetimes the indecent murders, the misguided superstitions. We see the fear insanity in the ignorant eyes today of the many who pray incessantly while acting the fool towards others.

The ancients believed the gods were as greedy as they were. Outward projections upon their deities were manifestations of their own human traits, one of which was to make deals. So, the bargaining began. I’ll give you this, if you give me that, and so it went. In many ways it is the child within our own hearts that believes all this ironically. It’s a dilemma how any culture survives with so many strange thoughts. I believe we made it through the ice age by doing what was practical. I hope somehow we can do that now and proceed with a cautious step into the future as if our survival depended on it, because it does.

I believe a lot of learning can happen remotely. It’s what is necessary at this time. To proceed without caution is insanity and will cost many lives. In our lifetime we have the rare opportunity to change the fate of the world by our actions. This is the time to act rightly. But in a civilization like ours here in the U.S., we are of course based on the premise that some lives are more important than others, given our foundation of genocide on the indigenous population. So what can we really expect from our founding fathers’ patriotic proclamations? Our entire mindset here is based on the visions of inequality and children are usually at the bottom of all pecking orders. Yet the children are the ones whose vision is unclouded by superstition.

There is another collective spirit of goodness. Our better angels, some call it. We look there now for solace. We look with open eyes. We put that spirit in our heads and hearts and march on victorious in the end, another awful challenge to humanity. But another great day awaits. We only need to sacrifice violence, classism, judgement and greed. Let’s just do that. Without mercy for the tender lives of the most vulnerable, we will not ever prevail as a species.The undeniable magic of children exists in their survival. It is an eternal crime to hurt kids. You cannot erase such crimes from your souls, not in hundreds of lifetimes. So stop it right now.

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