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Dream Channel

It’s maybe a weird thing to folks, but one has to listen when certain Speakers come to you in dreams. I’m not sure who mine are, but they seem lucid. The ones I have are three white-robed entities who speak. They speak to other speakers in this realm. Some of these blogs maybe came from them, for all I know.

I think they may be angels or guides, but I know they are real because they also came to both of my parents in dreams just as they were becoming writers and poets, so there that is. I’m not clear about their function, but they seem to say good, instructive things and I appreciate it.

The information I think they want me to impart is the information I do impart: I talk of peace, I talk of environmental protection, of humanitarian correction, of climate correction, attitude correction, closed minds disease.

It’s a wonderful thing to discuss with them the world at large. They are here to help. I just wonder who all they speak to. I’ve said before in blogs that I believe in other dimensions where entities exist. There are many spirits intervening in our worldly concerns. Again, they are here to help on many levels.

I suggest keeping that in mind before you fall off to sleep, and ask for guidance. Most people need to access the dream world to meet these speakers and helpers, but that doesn’t make it less real. Many of us would benefit from lucid dreaming in this regard as well, if you can achieve that.

In the meanwhile, I suggest telling yourself before going to sleep that you will remember your dreams. Then write them down. You’ve heard that before, of course, but still probably don’t take the time to do it. Do not forget that premonition dreams also occur, worth paying attention to.

Sometimes in moments of silence, if you can find them, you might hear a soft, helpful, loving thought, or get a great idea out of the blue. Be aware of the silent voices sometimes heard by your waiting and alert ears.

The sound of the river is profound. There are miracles in nature. The wind in the cottonwood trees plays a harmonic, angelic melody. The rain, when it falls, has a rhythm of the clouds. The stars sing in distant galaxies through gaseous elements, the sound of the universe, the voice of the expanse of infinity. If you can’t hear it, touch the earth with your bare feet and feel it. It is the great possibility that awaits the alert receiver of messages.

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