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Demand sanity

I want to talk about the children today who have more clarity and guts than every adult in the world put together. They speak the truth. It is their world your greed has ruined, it is their world that they won’t be able to live in. I’m not feeling the faith of the world going in the direction of salvation. It saddens me to know the generations before us have defiled everything until every fish in the sea is filled with plastic particles, until every idiot fence or stone wall is built around privilege in the dying times.

The stone walls of a tyrant always come down. The insanity of the proud elite will dwindle into radioactive neutrons sparking only three thoughts: more oil, more nukes, more war. The city streets of the world filled with children outraged by the inactivity of the prideful majority which buries itself in rubble beyond redemption. It is time for the children to do as they did and rise up, defiant and holy. The streets of the world flowed with children united. They know they are the only hope. They can’t even drive cars yet. They can’t even vote yet. They can’t even walk to school without protection, but they can demand sanity for the future of the planet.

It is not some made up thing. How many millions of gallons of radioactive water have poisoned the sea? How many barrels of leaking oil have dripped on the sacred earth or in the gulf coast? How man beached whales have given up? The starfish melt into the sands of time no longer aware they are gone. Extincted ones always go away, nothing is new about change except now it is going a thousand miles per hour in the wrong direction.

Does anyone really look into the eyes of the children anymore when you tell them what the future holds? No, you don’t. You don’t look in their eyes, and you don’t tell them, sorry we wrecked the planet and the forest and such. No, you don’t say anything. I’m going to grow younger now, now that I’ve decided that adults are not helping. I want to be about the children’s unification for the future of the planet. I’m going to join them with all my love and all my heart. They sing the chant of redemption for us all. You must listen. I’d like to end with this poem for the children.

I will follow you down the wooded path.

I will follow you down the city streets.

I will follow you up the Capitol steps.

I will follow you into the corporate chambers.

I will carry your signs for you.

For you are my leaders.

In the sunlight of your wonder there will be a day

when the earth is yours and is again clean.

Live for that day. Live on.

Keep the earth in your hearts.

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1 Comment

Maria Mokate Reed
Maria Mokate Reed
Mar 20, 2019

You are a poet Darcy

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