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Country karma

I’m excited to mention today that the new changes are starting to go into effect concerning the recent few years of incredible negativity in this country. The changes started about three or four years ago when we started down this very dark path to the realization that our country here is in grave danger of being turned into a fascist dictatorship. Both sides of the governmental aisle turned dark for a spell. It’s starting to lighten up with the new and brilliant women in the house and with the new attitude of the youth that they were promised so much last election, and lost so miserably when their party swept their votes under the rug.

Times will change and it’s a really great thing. Our country has been on the edge of a vast morass of violence since we founded it. The US has had a collective karma problem from the genocide of the indigenous population to the enslavement of the black race. That karma belongs to all of us since we are a group that shares responsibility. When Black Elk spoke, he said it very well. When MLK Jr. spoke, he said it very well. I can’t say it better, but as a country of privilege we need to pay retribution in some manner to the people we slaughtered and tortured to become such an exceptional country in this world.

Perhaps, if mothers ran this country, we would see less war because they lose their husbands and sons. They might be more prudent; we can only hope one day to find out. The fact that our country is so warrior-worshiping means we’d better get busy to help the brave soldiers come home and stay here where we need them taking care of our own suffering people instead of killing others in distant lands and being killed themselves.

The only way to even partially offset this group karma is valiant and honest retribution in the form of grant monies, in the form of a public statement and earnest resolutions and a formal apology by the US government to natives and blacks and all discriminated-against people in the name of our entire nation. It has to come with extra services to reservations and with extra support to impoverished black communities.

When you walk on this land, remember who fought for it. Remember who lived here before. Touch the Great Spirit in nature. Feel the winds of change in the weather. A new day has to come. Our country has to cleanse itself of its dirty, violent ways to find the peace and love we need to be happy. Do it now. Do it in your soul. Whatever ancestry you have, the hurt, people, is still in your blood. Ask forgiveness from the great spirits of the tortured ones. It has to stop.

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