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Collectivize your vision

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

The purpose of wonder is to see the many sides of things. The multi-faceted approach to reality is always best. There are so many sides to the issues. While one side hates the other and gathers warriors, the other side judges the event and protests.

It's necessary to see why the eternal stumbling of mankind is from myopic egoism. The sum total of humanity's vision is clouded with cataracts. We need to clarify our own thoughts collectively without waiting for approval.

We have information fatigue and now journalists are being killed or suppressed. The visions we see are chosen for us here in our country. We can't see all sides without tenaciously looking around for them. We have to be our own journalists and collectivize humanity in a great force for the sake of the planet. No one else can do it any more.

photo by Carolyn Reed

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1 comentário

25 de jan. de 2019

Good morning Darcy🤗.. I am Fascinated with “myopic egoism”.

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