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Coal mine canaries

I’m talking about the fact that there are millions of reasons to look forward to people waking up from their trance-like stupors. If people wake up soon it might be possible to turn the tides toward survival. Consider this blog one of my wake-up calls.

I have a friend and probably you do, too, who cannot think of the future without crying. Many of the rest of us fear the future and don’t want to think about it. Others just go on worrying about ordinary, stupid stuff.

The truth is it doesn’t matter what spiked heels you buy, or what car. What matters is the lives of the people on the planet. The poison in our foods and medicines is appalling. The death age is not lengthening, it is shortening. So, there’s a serious quality of life issue right there.The world needs to stand up to industry and to tyrants. We have one running this country now, undermining all humane laws and deregulating environmental and human protections.

My readers probably understand that I’m a non-speaking autistic. I also want to explain that our autistic population is increasing. I need you to know I will not explain why I believe that is, but I will tell you we are the canaries in the mine, and you had better upgrade the mine.

Anyway, now that you all have all these non-verbal autistics everywhere, you have to listen to what we type or write. We are the prophets of the new age, the least likely people for you to listen to or tolerate. Listen, anyway. We see further than most and we are telling you the future is horrific if we don’t all fight back now against war, against corporations, and against tyranny.

It isn’t yet too late – that’s why we’re telling you now, if only you would hear us. The time is now to stand up with a straight, determined spine like heroes in the coal mine. We can still affect the changes but it is truly the eleventh hour, so stop worrying and start working. The people who want to keep us worried just sit at their reporting desks. They want you worried and yet they fear what revolution would do. But if there were ever to be a justifiable revolution, there must be one now -- one huge peaceful revolution.

The poets and artists and psychic people know what’s coming. The autistic psychics know what’s coming. We are telling you to find a better way and to find it immediately. The canaries are still alive in the coal mine and are still chirping weakly. We need to stop the destruction of life on this planet, and we need to go to a better humanity in the future.

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01 de abr. de 2019

I see... I hear... The battles are being fought on the spiritual planes. Beings from other planets never lost sight of the fact that physical manifestation is the result of what is manifesting on the spiritual. That many Earthers forgot this has been our undoing. Don't let the money hoarders fool you into thinking they got that because their spiritual houses are clean. They took what wasn't theirs and they cannot use the spiritual gifts as they were intended to be used; for the highest good of all. Take it back.

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