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Brames in the multiverse

Today’s blog is about other dimensions. I just saw a model of them. People might think extra dimensions exist out there in space, but I believe they exist right here, right around us. They are designed in a fashion called brames. The brames are like layers stuck together but individual and still separate in reality. Around the planet there are many brames, each individually different with extreme differences that are wonderful.

Each one has different entities. The entities take different shapes but they are not at all what you might think. These are not shapes that we can even define with our reality. Time and space in these dimensions do not exist so anything can happen and everything does actually happen there. These dimensions are also containing the different levels of what one might call higher consciousness.

The entities in the different brames are at different levels of consciousness. It’s as if some of them maybe traveled there on purpose. They don’t really relate across brames but some of them travel through them. There are ghosts in the brames, there are aliens in the brames, there are dreaming souls in them and there are entities indescribable.

Each dimension has its own physics but this is not to say the dimensions are universes in and of themselves. They are more like layers of extra skin on a planet. The actual universes, I still think, are in multiverse bubbles. Each planet with living beings has these dimensions like ours, like brames on their planets. I think that the consciousness of each planet, the consciousness of its full existence throughout time gets recorded in one of these brames. People call that one the Akashic Records.

If our species were to discover time travel, it would be a matter of visiting the particular dimension without time. You could go there and visit anytime at all. If you were to become truly enlightened which is freaking unlikely, you would visit a higher dimension. Good luck with that, people.

A guy named Edgar Cayce had some of these answers, as did the Rosicrucians. They figured this out, sort of, and I kind of believe my philosophy goes in that direction. If I ever needed any obscure information, I would find it there. There are people in this dimension who get to peer into the others. However, unfortunately, those of us who get to do that are not believed. We are encased in an aura of unbelievability. My particular encasement is nonverbal autism.

People hate it that I claim powers like I do, as if I had to glamorize autism with the notion of super powers. I don’t have to do that, nor do I have to tell you what I see. Don’t ask me to prove it. You may as well ask someone why there is a specific number of needles on each tree, each spruce tree. Just open your mind. Let the knowledge in. Judgement is toxic to understanding. I’ve told you this. The proper response is not “prove it,” the proper response is “thank you”.

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1 Comment

Maria Mokate Reed
Maria Mokate Reed
Apr 20, 2019

Thank you Darcy. Both the Angry Ghosts and multiple dimensions blogs are fabulous. I believe you. I've learned allot about the brames, multiple dimensions and time space

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