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Best laid plans. . .

The daily lives we have are filled with many disappointments. I need to understand what causes the reasons for this. We plan and plan. We envision what we plan for and then muse about it while we work toward our plans. What do we do when fate decides differently? Do we mope and complain? Do we cry and blame others? Do we fold under the inevitable sadness beneath the disappointment?

The problems we have after disappointment are many. We might not get back all that energy that we feel we’ve lost in that failed effort. In many cases the failures are so devastating that people do give up. But giving up is not an option. Many times, people wanted to give up on me. Many times, I feel like I disappointed, but it didn’t stop me or my family because one thing trumps disappointment and that is family love.

Or if you don’t have family love, then self-love or love of the project can pull you through because it was love that created the plans; it is love that can reschedule them. There are reasons sometimes that we don’t understand failure. There is an established destiny each of us has and we need to appreciate those things we can’t always control with our free will. Sometimes there are accidents waiting to happen that you didn’t know about and then avoided in what seemed a failure of plans and you were disappointed. Maybe you were really blessed. You just don’t know.

There are forces protecting us from ourselves. You can call them whatever you want, but I for one, listen to the intuition. In cases like that, or in any disappointment case one needs to consider this. It will ease the pain of disappointment and will make you feel better right away. Another way of easing disappointment is to go ahead right away and make new plans. If that doesn’t help your disappointment, consider the human factor for why your plans fell apart. If it was because of a person then the person is most important, not the plans. Just remember to be a little like Scarlett O’Hara and think that tomorrow’s another day.


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